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Hickory Golf Equipment

The Florida State Golf Association is proud to work with the following manufacturers to help you get started with all of your hickory needs.

Golf Clubs

Although today’s modern set is 14 clubs, the basic hickory set has fewer.  To get started in hickory golf, it is recommended assembling a six or seven club play set.

Tad Moore Golf, Inc.

Tad Moore has a rich history in club design that dates back to 1963. At one point, 72 players on Tour were using a Tad Moore designed putter, and in 1991, Ian Woosnam, used a Tad Moore putter on his way to winning The Masters.

Tad has worked with a number of manufactures over the years, and in 2005, Tad introduced his first line of Hickory Shafted golf clubs. You can read Tad's full bio here

To shop hickory clubs and sets, please click here.

Golf Bags (Club Carriers)

Golfers in the hickory era, walked.  No need for an oversize “tour bag” when carrying your play set.

Steurer and Jacoby

In 2012 Will Jacoby came out of retirement to restart his company, Firebird Group, Inc.  What began in the mid 80's as Royal Dublin Golf Company in Springfield, Kentucky, manufacturing golf bags for companies as well as developing unique patents for different styles of golf bags for customers such as MacGregor, Spalding, Dunlop, Powerbilt, Ram, Louisville Golf and many others has been transformed into a family owned business with a niche market for vintage style, high quality and generational tradition in customized golf club carriers, luggage and accessories.

To view their one of a kind golf club carriers, please click here.

Golf Balls

McIntyre Golf Company

Most Hickory events will allow you to play any USGA conforming ball, however, some Hickory golfers prefer to play with replica balls of the era.  To order vintage reproduction golf balls, click here.